Your Forma, Vol. 3

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Your Forma, Vol. 3

MangaYour Forma, Vol. 3

ArtistTsubata Nozaki

Publisher: Yen On

When Does Your Forma, Vol. 3 Come Out?

Your Forma, Vol. 3 Release Date: January 17, 2023

Your Forma, Vol. 3 Synopsis

Weighed down by her decision to hide the secret of Harold’s Laws of Respect, Echika experiences an abrupt decline in Brain Dive ability. With her prospects of being reinstated as a Diver looking grim, Echika tackles her next assignment as a general investigator, only to find Harold working the same case with the help of a new “genius” assistant. From there, the two former partners chase separate leads after a hacker known as E, a self-proclaimed mind reader who has been leaking classified information from Interpol onto internet message boards. But what is this mysterious figure really after?

Your Forma, Vol. 3 Release Date


January 17, 2023

Could Your Forma, Vol. 3 be your next favorite Manga release? Save the date! Your Forma, Vol. 3 release date is January 17, 2023.

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