Triage X, Vol. 24 

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Triage X, Vol. 24

MangaTriage X, Vol. 24 

ArtistShouji Sato

Publisher: Yen Press

When Does Triage X, Vol. 24 Come Out?

Triage X, Vol. 24 Release Date: January 17, 2023

Triage X, Vol. 24 Synopsis

Black Label and their allies’s infiltration continues as the various teams hold strong against the forces of Syringe. But what will Arashi and Mikoto to do when they lose sight of Oriha?

Triage X, Vol. 24 Release Date


January 17, 2023

Could Triage X, Vol. 24 be your next favorite Manga release? Save the date! Triage X, Vol. 24 release date is January 17, 2023.

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