Slayers: Volume 13 (Light Novel)

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Slayers: Volume 13 (Light Novel)

When Does Slayers: Volume 13 Come Out?

Slayers: Volume 13 Release Date: April 6, 2022

Slayers: Volume 13 Synopsis

While pursuing a dire warning from an old ally, Lina and Gourry end up back in Gyria. Can they settle the score in the troubled city before the demonic plot for dominance reaches critical mass?

Swarms of demons showing up for seemingly no reason? Check. Mounting military aggression between states? Check. Omens of ill tidings to come? You betcha! According to my old pal Milgazia, things are getting hairy on a world-ending scale, which means it’s time to… head back to Gyria?! C’mon, we just finished there! I was pretty sure we didn’t leave any loose ends, but I guess there’s no arguing with hordes of demidemons and a castle gate that’s shut tight around the clock… You know what? Fine! But there’d better be a king-sized payoff to all this!

Slayers: Volume 13 Release Date


April 6, 2022

Could Slayers: Volume 13 be your next favorite Manga release? Save the date! Slayers: Volume 13 release date is April 6, 2022.

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