Otherside Picnic 03 (Manga)

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Otherside Picnic 03 (Manga)

When Does Otherside Picnic 03 (Manga) Come Out?

Otherside Picnic 03 (Manga) Release Date: December 27, 2022

Otherside Picnic 03 (Manga) Synopsis

In this sci-fi/fantasy survival thriller, the dangerous and deadly realm of the Otherside–where urban legends roam–calls to two women, both in search of something. As they set out to sate their curiosity and explore this other world, will the most earth-shattering thing they discover on the Otherside be their feelings for each other?

The hunt for Satsuki continues, but Sorawo begins to have second thoughts in the face of Toriko’s heedless urgency, leading to a heated argument…

And when Sorawo loses her way in the space between reality and the Otherside, only to run into another mysterious entity—the Time-space Man—she discovers that Toriko’s crossed to the Otherside without her!

Unable to locate Toriko, Sorawo must put her feelings about Satsuki aside and enlist Kozakura in the search for her missing friend…

Otherside Picnic 03 (Manga) Release Date


December 27, 2022

Could Otherside Picnic 03 (Manga) be your next favorite Manga release? Save the date! Otherside Picnic 03 (Manga) release date is December 27, 2022.

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