My Boy, volume 9

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My Boy, volume 9

MangaMy Boy, volume 9

ArtistHitomi Takano

Publisher: Vertical Comics

When Does My Boy, volume 9 Come Out?

My Boy, volume 9 Release Date: May 10, 2022

My Boy, volume 9 Synopsis

As Mashuu and Satoko steadily wade into the deeper waters of their relationship, they create ripples that touch the lives of their family and friends. They’ve finally come into something that is comfortable yet nameless, but their bond has yet to come into full form. To do that, they will have to ask questions and examine what their connection—and their future—really mean to each other, but more than anything, they will have to know themselves.

Where will their discoveries take them as the story of Mashuu and Satoko come to an end? Find out in the final volume of My Boy.

My Boy, volume 9 Release Date


May 10, 2022

Could My Boy, volume 9 be your next favorite Manga release? Save the date! My Boy, volume 9 release date is May 10, 2022.

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