Mama Akuma Vol. 2

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Mama Akuma Vol. 2

MangaMama Akuma Vol. 2


Publisher: Yen Press

When Does Mama Akuma Vol. 2 Come Out?

Mama Akuma Vol. 2 Release Date: February 22, 2022

Mama Akuma Vol. 2 Synopsis

Just as Seere is starting to get used to his new role as Sakura’s mama, an old demon friend, Gaap, shows up at the Masuda house! He wants to know why Seere hasn’t completed his contract and returned, but Seere has a bigger problem on his mind—he’s starting to worry that no matter how good he gets at doing chores, he may never be able to fill the hole left by Sakura’s real mother…

Mama Akuma Vol. 2 Release Date


February 22, 2022

Could Mama Akuma Vol. 2 be your next favorite Manga release? Save the date! Mama Akuma Vol. 2 release date is February 22, 2022.

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