Holmes of Kyoto

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Holmes of Kyoto: Volume 8

MangaHolmes of Kyoto

ArtistShizu Yamauchi

Publisher: J-Novel Club

When Does Holmes of Kyoto: Volume 8 Come Out?

Holmes of Kyoto: Volume 8 Release Date: February 17, 2022

Holmes of Kyoto: Volume 8 Synopsis

Aoi has graduated from high school and successfully enrolled in her top pick, Kyoto Prefectural University. Kiyotaka has completed grad school too, and their relationship can finally deepen—or so they thought, but the owner orders Kiyotaka to learn more about the world by working outside of Kyoto! His first placement is at Shokado Garden Art Museum in Yawata City. One weekend, Aoi and Kaori secretly pay his workplace a visit to see how he’s faring, but as it turns out, an unexpected incident is awaiting them there!

Aoi is in university now, but just as she’s getting excited to spend more time with Holmes, the owner orders him to work outside of Kyoto! Aoi and Kaori secretly visit his workplace to see how he’s doing—only to be faced with an unexpected incident.

Holmes of Kyoto: Volume 8 Release Date


February 17, 2022

Could Holmes of Kyoto: Volume 8 be your next favorite Manga release? Save the date! Holmes of Kyoto: Volume 8 release date is February 17, 2022.

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