Hell Mode: Volume 3 (Light Novel)

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Hell Mode: Volume 3 (Light Novel)

When Does Hell Mode: Volume 3 Come Out?

Hell Mode: Volume 3 Release Date: April 13, 2022

Hell Mode: Volume 3 Synopsis

Allen enrolls in the Academy together with Cecil, Krena, and Dogora, where they form a party as the No-life Gamers. When Allen looks for a healer, however, he finds Keel—a boy with a grim secret…that’s somehow related to House Granvelle?!

How is “No-life Gamers” as a party name?!

The Academy City arc starts off with a bang! After leaving the service of House Granvelle, Allen enrolls in the Academy together with Cecil, as well as Krena and Dogora who have come all the way from Krena Village. As part of their new life together, they form a party to take on the many dungeons scattered throughout Academy City, keeping in mind their ultimate goal of defeating the Demon Lord. When Allen goes in search of a healer for their party, he encounters Keel, a boy his age with the Cleric Talent. However, Keel comes across as guarded and reticent. Just what secret is he hiding, and how is it related to House Granvelle? At the same time, why is Helmios, the Hero of Giamut, at the Academy, and what does he want from Allen? And what’s this about a martial arts tournament?!

Hell Mode: Volume 3 Release Date


April 13, 2022

Could Hell Mode: Volume 3 be your next favorite Manga release? Save the date! Hell Mode: Volume 3 release date is April 13, 2022.

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