Grand Blue Dreaming 17

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Grand Blue Dreaming 17

MangaGrand Blue Dreaming 17

ArtistKenji Inoue

Publisher: Kodansha

When Does Grand Blue Dreaming 17 Come Out?

Grand Blue Dreaming 17 Release Date: October 4, 2022

Grand Blue Dreaming 17 Synopsis

The hit comedy manga comes to print by popular demand! Swimsuits! Ramen! Dumb jokes! Beer! Uncomfortable nudity!


Believing that Iori has hit it rich after winning the lottery, Sakurako seizes her chance to pounce. Aina then launches her own desperate defense as friends from both sides join the fray. With Sakurako glued to Iori’s side, the Okinawa nights quickly reach a fever pitch. Who will emerge victorious in the war for the fickle Iori’s affection?

Grand Blue Dreaming 17 Release Date


October 4, 2022

Could Grand Blue Dreaming 17 be your next favorite Manga release? Save the date! Grand Blue Dreaming 17 release date is October 4, 2022.

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