Fantasy Inbound: Volume 2 (Light Novel)

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Fantasy Inbound: Volume 2 (Light Novel)

When Does Fantasy Inbound: Volume 2 Come Out?

Fantasy Inbound: Volume 2 Release Date: April 29, 2022

Fantasy Inbound: Volume 2 Synopsis


Yu and Ein find themselves as prisoners aboard Quldald’s flying portal-keep while Ijuin and the others finally come ashore at their destination—Nayuta. But as human-elf tensions boil, Yu struggles to bear the weight of the name Devicer Three.

Yu Ichinose opens his eyes to find that he and Ein have been taken prisoner. Strangely, their captor is more a host than an executioner. Quldald, after all, is not one to let his guests leave unentertained. Meanwhile, Ijuin, Aliya, and Natsuki have reached the floating city, Nayuta, only to find that power struggles and interracial conflict roil beneath the paradise’s surface.

Amidst this tension, the young Devicer is faced with a dilemma. The responsibility that comes with power is a crushing weight upon his shoulders, and Yu struggles to endure the pressure. Does he really have what it takes to be Number Three? Can he sacrifice his ideals for the greater good?

Fantasy Inbound: Volume 2 Release Date


April 29, 2022

Could Fantasy Inbound: Volume 2 be your next favorite Manga release? Save the date! Fantasy Inbound: Volume 2 release date is April 29, 2022.

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