5 Most Anticipated Romance Manga Releases 2022

5 Most Anticipated Romance Manga Releases In 2022

We all love romance. You love it, I love it and our edgy friend that claims to hate it with all their heart and energy is probably watching their favorite rom com as we speak. Why? Because romance is human, is relatable and it speaks to a very real part of us–that part of us that loves and wants to be loved. That is why since the times of Shakespeare (and even way before that), romance has always enjoyed a role in fiction and is no different in the manga industry.

The likes of Demon Slayer or Jujutsu Kaisen might be tearing the market apart these days and well-deserved so, but while anime and manga is an industry mostly dominated by action-based storytelling, they have a very healthy market in romance. So, if you want something that appeals more that side of you that is all sunshine and rainbows (don’t deny it, we’re all friends here), then here you have the five most anticipated romance manga releases in 2022:

  1. Chitose Is in the Ramune Bottle

Sometimes in storytelling, simplicity is the key. It’s not so much about having the most original of concepts or the most extravagant of approaches, but rather just having a good idea and executing it well. This is the case with the manga Chitose Is in the Ramune Bottle and why is such a great read.

Main character Saku Chitose is the most popular kid in his high school and with this you have a lot of perks such as having a lot of girls interested in him and being the center the attention for a lot of good reasons. But it turns out that there are also drawbacks, such as been in the spot by his teachers and being given the responsibility of bringing back a student that has basically gone rogue, Kenta Yamazaki.

The story is quite simple, there are no weird gotcha moments in the plot (you’re not going to see superpowers or monsters here), and it serves to offer a more balanced take on the always so horrendous social hierarchies in high school, so is one of those well-written stories that people can enjoy without much trouble.

  1. Yakuza Fiancé: Raise wa Tanin ga Ii

What is better than a romance between two strong, independent characters? A romance between two strong, independent characters that are part of mob families.

The plot of this story is centered around Yoshino, a girl that happens to be the granddaughter of a powerful yakuza boss in Osaka. Since people in her school know her connections with the mob, pretty much all the guys there are scared of approaching her. Worried about that, she finally accepts her grandfather’s suggestion of giving a chance to the grandson of another mafia boss from Tokyo. Initially, Yoshino thinks the guy, Kirishima, is your typical student with good grades, but as the story progresses, she gets to see another side of him.

Yakuza Fiancé: Raise wa Tanin ga Ii is an intense and engaging read, especially for people that want a more dangerous element in their romance.

  1. Josee, The Tiger and the Fish

This is a very nice read about understanding each other, communication and going through some stages to finally get a nice payoff. This is the basis of Josee, The Tiger and the Fish and why is such an appealing manga.

The story follows Tsudeo, who is a university student majoring in biology and who has dreams of studying abroad in the coming years. He eventually runs out with a girl in a wheelchair named Kumiko, but she introduces herself as Josee, the main character of a book she loves. They have a rough start at first, but as the story progresses, they start developing a strong bond and Tsudeo’s life is never the same afterwards.

Josee, The Tiger and the Fish is romance at its core and you are going to absolutely love it due to that.

  1. Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included

Can we take a moment to appreciate how manga creators can come up with the most outlandish names for their projects and make it work? That is skill in and out itself.

The story of this manga is actually very simple and straightforward: Shintaro Tokumitsu is a high school student that is living on his own, but everything changes when he wakes one day and there is a girl in bed next to him. Her name is Towa, a pure and innocent girl… who also happens to be an angel, which, as you can imagine, sets a lot of events in motion.

We can’t elaborate more on that because it may spoil you the plot, but the manga is fun, hilarious at times and helps to explore a lot of interesting situations. Definitely worth your time.

  1. Elf Yome to Meguru Isekai Shuryou Life (Hunting in Another World With My Elf Wife)

Again, you gotta give it to the manga creators and their titles. Simply uncanny. But there is a lot more to this manga than just a funny title: there is a bit of fantasy in this romance, which might appeal to people with that preference in their storytelling.

Starting in the real world, Shin Nakajima is a hunter who has a special connection to his beloved Remington Model 870 shotgun, but he is killed when he tries to save a kid from a wild bear. But things don’t end there: instead of dying and going to the afterlife, he is summoned to another world where he is tasked with facing a lot of creatures he has never seen before.

But Shin is not going to be alone as he gets the support and massive help from the elf Saran, a beautiful lady that is taller and stronger than him, who also happens to be very sweet and caring. As you can imagine, feelings start to surface as this pair faces off against the creatures and multiple other threats in this world.

Engaging, action-packed and still endearing on a fundamental level, this is a manga that you just can’t ignore.

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